Excellent quality in the manufacturing, a wide variety of design

Our product portfolio includes the manufacturing of round, cold-drawn, low carbon iron wires as the primary material for bent wire parts and for cold headed parts with diameters ranging from 1.4 to 9.0 mm. In a new patented process, wire rods are cleaned as per DIN EN 10016-1 in an environmentally friendly way. Our wire rods conform to dimensional and form deviations as per DIN EN 10218-2.

Surface finishes range from bright (dry bright, soap coated) to bright shiny (wet-drawn). Wires with profiled surfaces can also be manufactured upon request. Depending on customer requirements, the getup comes as a coil up to 1,500 kg, manufacturing ring or spider carrier. In addition, we produce soft annealed wires in an oiled or non-oiled design for the recycling industry and construction industry which can be delivered as coils up to 500 kg, rings or machine-spooled rings.

In order to consistently ensure the best product quality, we have our own testing lab and supply our wires with an in-house testing certificate.