Customized solutions for the construction and manufacturing industries

Our complete assortment of nails, wire nails and nail-srews for the construction, packaging and pallet industries, as well as for the furniture and plastics industries (dowel manufacturing) leaves nothing to be desired. Our products come in steel (standard and special grades), stainless steel, copper and aluminium with diameters ranging from 1.0 to 9.5 and lengths of 12 to 350 mm. Naturally, we possess all of the necessary approvals.

We also demonstrate utmost flexibility by offering electro-galvanized, hot-dip galvanized and colour-coated surfaces. The forms and designs of our quality products are in accordance with industry standards or in accordance with our customers’ requirements for head, tip and shaft design. In addition to manufacturing in small batches, DRAKENA also offers individual packaging solutions.

Like all of our products, our nails, wire nails and nail-screws undergo strict quality control and can be supplied with an in-house testing certificate.

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  Stahl galvanisch verzinkt <12 µm

  Stahl galvanisch verzinkt >12 µm

  Stahl feuerverzinkt DIN EN ISO 1461 >55 µm

  Draht Zink-Aluminium beschichtet



  Rostfreie Drähte